Sovereignty Surrendered - This is Absolute Doudou!

The military junta in Burma refrains from dispensing the foods that have been donated by people all over the world, most significantly by the United States. The happenings in the Sudan are an outrage against humanity.

Yet, the United Nations chooses to send a representative to investigate racisim in the United States. Have the other situations been resolved? I must have missed it.

Hopefully, the first place that
Doudou Diène will visit will be the right reverend wright. That will give him enough material for a tome.

He'll probably be so busily immersed in racism in the US that he won't have an opportunity to meet some people:

  • Barak Obama - Likely Democratic presidential candidate
  • Condolezza Rice - Secretary of State
  • Colin Powell - 65th Secretary of State
  • David Paterson - Governor of New York
  • Clarence Thomas - Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Any basketball team

Will he have enough time to examine the United Negro College Fund? To spend a few hours of watching the Black Entertainment Network?

Why is this being permitted? Because Benjamin Chang is permitting it. Were We The People asked about this? Was there a referendum? I didn't receive any notification or questionnaire--did you?

We The People began surrendering our freedoms and our sovereignty years ago. We surrendered the Second Amendment. We thought, or believed, that we were acting in the best interest of the collective. We allowed our right to bear arms to be infringed. It seemed good. It felt good. We thought, or felt, that we would be safer. No guns. That was the hope but not the reality. The reality is this: no government has been able to assume absolute power when the people have the right to bear arms.

We The People surrendered our freedoms when we succumbed to politically correct speech. We surrendered the First Amendment. In fact, this vital amendment specifically protects hate speech. Whether we like it or not, we are granted that absolute right.

We The People surrendered our freedoms when we permitted special interest groups to control our government, rather than to have our government moderated via the election process. Now, in 2008, we are in a stranglehold - held by the Middle East - and we watch the price of oil rise by the day. We have not been PERMITTED to drill or to refine oil in many years. Was this put to a vote by the people? Never.

We The People have watched while four judges in California decided, superceding the vote of the people of California, decided to permit gay marriage. The Constitution did not give judges this power. We The People have not given judges this power. The judges did not abide by the will of the People. We sit and watch.

Today, we learn that Doudou Diène is coming to investigate us. NOTHING in our system permits this. Nothing except Benjamin Chang.

We are surrounded by despotic dictators who couch their madness in promises of new beginnings and delight and wonder for all. We KNOW that these are lies. We KNOW what happens when promises are made to the people.

The only promise that the government must make is to STOP. To GET OUT OF OUR WAY. To DISALLOW examination of our country by ANYONE to whom we have not given authority.


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