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I had thought that I would permanently discontinue writing this blog. The rise of Barak Obama over the summer was both depressing and frightening, and seeing him get the Democratic nomination settled a pit into my stomach which has now grown in size.

The events that have transpired since the election and the ensuing disgrace of an inauguration / coronation make it impossible for me to be silent, and thus this blog comes back to life.

It is challenging to organize and encapsulate these events, and to put them into a perspective that makes sense. I will try to do that. My opinions will be all over this, but I will include facts that I believe support those opinions. I hope that this information causes Americans to THINK and then to decide, on their own, what they think is best for this country.

First - The Past. 
Upon first hearing about Barak Obama, I was somewhat disturbed by the awe in which people spoke about him. I don't believe that human beings merit this type of awe, barring some magnificent achievement or contribution to society. Listening to him, I found nothing there, albeit that he was an excellent speaker. Back then, I simply could not understand what all the hoopla was.

Then he started PROMISING. That immediately sends up red flags for me. I don't believe that promisers deliver. I am a staunch individualist, 

and people, especially those in government, who start promising everything to everyone. Hearing and watching interviews with the man on the street showed me that people were BELIEVING in the powers that this man pretended to have. 

This is beyond an issue of politics. It is an issue so fundamental that we do not consider it consciously. It is what our basic, fundamental principles ARE, what we value, and how we recognize those values. We live in a country that was founded on a principle that was radical at 

the time - that EACH individual has intrinsic value, and the United States was designed to afford that individual the opportunity to do whatever he or he chose to do with that intrinisc value.

We were NEVER to SURRENDER to ANY individual - to give that person power over us, to allow him to make decisions for us. No, our president 

was a SERVANT, HIRED by American Citizens, granted very limited powers by the Constitution. I can still feel the shadow of George Washington weeping on inauguration day.

That forgetfulness by the American people has opened the gate for a dictatorial government, masterminded by a megalomaniac who continues to expand his powers far, far beyond what the Constitution permits him to do.

There are still those who are believing his promises. One thing that I can say, his promise of CHANGE has certainly come to fruition.

Second - The Nearer Past
What of his affiliations? By now, at the beginning of April, we have forgotten the 'reverend' wright (I cannot bring myself to put his name in uppercase). Is it possible that we have elected a person with such an affiliation? It did not end there, however. The 'professor' who hates the United States is part of the inner circle of friends.

Is this what a servant of the people should be?

Why the worship? From where does the mystique arise? Are We the People so hungry that we search for someone to worship and we chose the one who promises the most? 

As I watched this horrendous scene develop over the past months, and finally the election and coronation, I was continually struck with 

thought of religious zealots. The scenes at Obama gatherings had all the look and feel of such events, complete with blind, awestruck worship. 

Those who rant against religion fail to see the connection between the two scenarios. To me, they were one in the same; it was merely the objects of worship that differed.

So here we sit. April 2 and Obama in in Europe to push a plan that is so radical that even the radicals don't like it. His megalomania is so obvious that it is beyond disugusting that we have tolerated him for this long.


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