OK - I Don't Get It

First and foremost...

I am as far from a Hilary fan as you can get. I shuddered the first time that I ever saw her. And the sound of her voice! I am certain that Dennis Miller could come up with a far better metaphor than I can.

In this case, however, I must define myself as one individual who is not repulsed by her most recent verbal faux paus. I'm absolutely positive that she will never top "it takes a village." Certainly, the frantic scramble to dodge bullets is worthy of a snicker (and the loss of the nomination).

But this? I watch the pundits, and I still don't get it. Does anyone actually believe that she's suggesting an assasination attempt?

My simple mind sees things very simplistically. She mentioned the event because it was a major event that occurred in June, and her poster-boy husband still campaigned in June. That's it. Nothing more.

This never-ending election cycle has become a series of juvenile verbal stabs, media nitpicking, and media adoration. If I see another picture of Barak, I will screem for a prolonged period. Every time I see a picture, I think that I'm in a large plaza in Russia, bowing to the image of Stalin, or in Beijing, awestruck over Mao.

Hope!!! Here's what I hope. I hope to hear something coherent from someone.


We are hiring a president. I would ask tougher questions of a high-school student that wanted to help me in my office.

The media had better calm down. We the People are completely frustrated!

Should we take a very careful look at Bob Barr??

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